We have been made aware that there are external parties posing as Nevro Corp. recruiters and/or making offers of employment, often asking for sensitive personal and financial information.

Recruitment fraud is a sophisticated scam offering fake job opportunities to job seekers. This type of fraud is normally carried out through online services such as false websites, or through fake emails claiming to be from the company. The fraudsters often request recipients to provide personal information and to make payments as part of their fake recruiting process.

How to Identify Recruitment Fraud?

  • We never send unsolicited job offers or employment contracts of any kind. Only positions posted to the Nevro Careers website are valid and legitimate. All Nevro applicants are required to only apply for Nevro jobs through www.nevro.com.
  • Fraudulent job offers often ask for financial or personal information early in the process. At no point during our recruitment process will we request any form of monetary payment.
  • Any communication you receive from Nevro Corp. would come from an @nevro.com email address - not from an account such as Yahoo, Gmail or any other domain outside of @nevro.com.
  • We do not conduct text-only interviews, particularly in internet chat rooms such as Google Hangouts. All applicants are required to interview with a Nevro representative prior to the extension of any job offer.

We are committed for you to have a safe and secure online recruiting experience. If you receive a communication that you believe may not be from Nevro Corp., please contact us.