Comprehensive Support Powered by HFX Cloud

HFX Cloud, our proprietary cloud-based patient management system, facilitates ongoing support with proactive reporting to help individualize care for long-term success with spinal cord stimulation (SCS).

“With HFX Cloud I can see how my patients are doing at any point, and that helps me deliver better care. I have improved patient outcomes from the information I gather from HFX Cloud.”

Michael Yang, MD

One Team Delivering Coordinated Care

HFX Cloud enables a complete and ongoing history of each patient. From trial and over the life of their implant, data is captured and then shared with you and your Patient Success Team to ensure every patient has access to the best possible support.


Visibility to Your SCS Practice

Aggregated outcomes including tracking results and waveform data for improved visibility and confidence in long-term success.

Real-World Results Across 15,000 Patients Demonstrate
the Positive Patient Impact1

83% experienced a quality of life improvement
Real World

1. Nevro patient satisfaction survey data. Data on file. Calculated 10/1/2019.