“The Nevro Spirit Is Felt In Everything We Do”

Different backgrounds, unity in purpose

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We Live Our Values


Passionate about what You do and passionate about what We do.


“We” mindset; willing to help others without any direct benefit; no job is too small; humility first.


Willing to work hard; resilient during challenges; focused on getting better every day.


All actions are transparent and ethical; strong sense of accountability; always do the right thing.

Founder’s Mentality

Continuous improvement; strong sense of ownership in the company; customer obsessed challenging the status quo.

Diverse Teams

Diverse Teams Are Stronger Teams

Our teams are so diverse, and we have intelligent, talented and successful people from every industry vertical.

Challenging Conventional Wisdom

Starting with initial product research, Nevro and its leaders went against the status quo in neuromodulation and have continued to make bold decisions that have led to helping thousands of patients around the globe.

Where Innovation and Passion Collide

Where Innovation and Passion Collide

We have great people in every function and every level that are passionate about what they do.