May 19, 2020

An Update to Our Healthcare Partners

Dear Valued Healthcare Partners,

We hope this update finds you and your loved ones in good health. While the last two months have exposed us to enormous challenges, we have been continuously inspired by the ingenuity, determination, and personal sacrifice you’ve all demonstrated to provide ongoing care for your patients. Thank you for all your ongoing efforts from all of us at Nevro.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to impact our communities, we are experiencing the start of a recovery phase in many locations around the world. Most states in the US and Australia, as well as several countries in Europe have restarted elective procedures. As you begin to resume interventional procedures, we recognize that there will not be a one-size-fits-all approach and we are committed to providing the flexibility required to support each of you individually. 

As we enter this recovery phase, I’d like to share some updates on programs aimed at helping you through both existing patient support and new patient engagement. Additionally, we have recent product approval news that I would like to share.

Global Patient Support

In my last update I shared some milestones that our teams have achieved while supporting implanted patients since the ramp of the COVID-19 situation, and I’m pleased to provide some updates on our further progress. 

  • Globally, our organization has now conducted approximately 70,000 phone calls with patients since the pandemic began. 

  • During these calls, over 10,000 implanted patients have had their therapy optimized.

  • 44% of these patients have seen an improvement in their pain relief. 

This dedication to patient support and long-term outcomes is fundamental to our company and is something we will continue to invest in and report back to you. These results are made possible by our unique ability to provide ongoing patient support through our patient care infrastructure of phone-based therapy support specialists, field-based teams, and the NevroCloud patient management platform. 

Reinvigorating New Patient Interest in Pain Therapies

Supporting Interested Patients

We know that activating patient return to the practice will be important as we enter the recovery phase. Recent market surveys have shown about 80% of pain patients who had postponed procedures are expected to move forward. During these past two months, we have been supporting these patients through ongoing education and we believe those efforts will help bring these patients forward when you and your practice are ready for them. While speaking with these patients, we have gained insight into what they need to feel confident in moving forward with their procedures. For example, in our research we have learned that many patients’ concerns can be reduced after speaking with your practice to better understand the specific policies that have been put into place to improve their safety. It seems clear that proactively sharing your safety protocols with your patients could be beneficial. Our local teams look forward to supporting you and your patients as you restart your practice.

Engaging and Educating New Patients

We’re not only thinking about recovery of postponed procedures, but we are also executing new programs to help accelerate new patient interest in SCS. We’ve been testing these programs and are confident that they will help you as you engage with new patients. We are going to scale two new programs: our Virtual Innovation Seminars to allow you to educate groups of patients in a virtual setting, and the Patient Connect Card program to capture and nurture in-office patient interest. These programs will supplement our continued investment in Direct to Patient Awareness advertising programs to help educate patients interested in SCS. Your local team will connect with you to share more details about these exciting programs. 

New Product Approval

Finally, our commitment to innovation and new products continues, and I’m happy to share that we received CE Mark approval of the Omnia platform in Europe on May 13th and we will begin launching within each European market as local conditions allow. We’ve had positive feedback on the Omnia platform from physicians in the US and are excited to soon be able to provide the most versatile SCS platform to our customers in Europe. 

Finally, I’d like to note that we are entering the recovery fully staffed to serve you and your patients, and to that end we have kept our Nevro team intact throughout this crisis. COVID-19 has affected all aspects of our lives and has resulted in significant disruption to the global economy. We are pleased to have been able to keep our team intact and prepared to help you as we move through the recovery phase together.

Please continue to let our team members know if there are additional measures we can implement to help you manage through the challenges of the current environment.

Thank you for your continued partnership and we wish you and your loved ones good health.


D. Keith Grossman

Chairman, CEO and President, Nevro Corporation