“The Nevro Spirit Is Felt In Everything We Do”

Different backgrounds, unity in purpose

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Patients First

Seek to better patient care in all you do and consider patient impact in all decisions. Be relentlessly dedicated to improving outcomes. Delight our patients with the experience we provide. In everything we do, ensure the highest quality of the products and services we provide.

One Team

We are all part of Nevro first, not a department. Build bridges. Cross-functional collaboration makes for better decisions, fewer mistakes, faster progress and limitless possibilities. Great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone – seek them out and listen. Embrace both the scientific and the creative. Stay committed to leveraging the strengths, ideas, and experiences of each team member to optimize performance as One Team. Together, we strive for excellence through continuous improvement.

Courageous Leadership

Leadership is part of your character and your behavior, not your title -- everyone can lead by example. Our success is everyone’s responsibility -- take ownership and be part of the answer. Be candid about our progress to our goals and values. If we are not confronting our shortcomings, take constructive actions to raise awareness – silence protects weakness. Deal fairly, directly and constructively with others if you have concerns. Celebrate excellence, but don’t punish or be afraid of failure, it’s the pathway to success.


Our plans are a series of commitments we make to our customers, patients, shareholders and each other. Hold yourself and those around you accountable for delivering on those commitments and expect others to do the same with you. In every plan we make, know what good looks like in advance, and be honest about the ultimate results. Actively identify issues and challenge deficiencies. Pitch in, sign up, be a hand-raiser.

Elevate Diversity

Conformity is corrosive. Preconceptions are limiting. Diversity makes us stronger, so encourage it. In opinions, approaches, experience, background, lifestyle. Listen for complete understanding and do not assign the contributions of others to categories based on superficial bias. Act with inclusion and respect, always. Lift up customers and team members through positivity, confidence and graciousness. Encourage new ideas and diverse ways of thinking. Welcome those stepping up and out of their comfort zone.

Do the Right Thing

Act with integrity, and always do the right thing. Follow your very best instincts. Following applicable laws, regulations and company policies is critical to our values and success, and they are in place for a reason – to protect you, our business and the patients and customers we serve. We are a highly regulated business for good reasons. Cultivate an environment where everyone follows the rules.

Diverse Teams

Diverse Teams Are Stronger Teams

Our teams are so diverse, and we have intelligent, talented and successful people from every industry vertical.

Challenging Conventional Wisdom

Starting with initial product research, Nevro and its leaders went against the status quo in neuromodulation and have continued to make bold decisions that have led to helping thousands of patients around the globe.

Where Innovation and Passion Collide

Where Innovation and Passion Collide

We have great people in every function and every level that are passionate about what they do.