An Update to Our Healthcare Partners About the Coronavirus

Each day brings new information about COVID-19 and its spread globally. Given the uncertainty COVID-19 has created, I first want to express my appreciation and admiration for all that you are continuing to do for your patients and the population at large. It is truly humbling to be partnered with each of you.

Due to the rapidly changing circumstances, we wanted to provide an update. We are continuing to actively monitor healthcare guidelines and implement recommendations from the WHO, CDC, and other country-specific healthcare agencies. In all geographies around the world we have seen significant reductions in all elective procedures as support for COVID-19 is a priority for the healthcare system. During these challenging times, our commitment to you remains unwavering. Our primary focus is on the safety and well-being of patients, customers, and employees and we have taken several steps to uphold this commitment, including:

Patient Care: We know that chronic pain does not stop during a pandemic. In fact, the stress of the current situation may intensify the pain many of your patients experience. As elective procedures are postponed and patients may have less access to you and your staff as non-essential care is delayed, our comprehensive patient support team remains available to your patients. Through our phone-based therapy support specialists, our field-based teams, and our NevroCloud patient management platform our ability to provide ongoing care to your existing patients remains intact, including the ability to provide impedance checks for essential MRIs. Additionally, at your direction, we will continue to connect with patients awaiting trial and permanent implants to ensure they are ready when you have the ability to return to elective procedures. Please contact our team members with any thoughts on how we can continue to support you and your patients.

Case Support: We are dedicated to supporting you and the treatment decisions you make for your patients and have instructed our sales team members to follow the instructions you and your institutions provide on how we can best support you at this time. We recognize that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to navigating the current climate, and we are committed to supporting each of you individually.

Customer Education: We are working with medical societies to support educational initiatives towards COVID-19 guideline recommendations. We commend the outreach of these various societies and the important role they are playing in rapidly sharing the most relevant information. We will also be launching a remote solution for Professional Education Programs shortly.

Field Employee Support: We know how much our field personnel mean to the success of our therapy for each patient and to your practice. To preserve the stability of the field team that supports you, and to provide continuity of care for your patients, we have made the commitment to financially support our sales force regardless of sales volume for the coming quarter. We are confident that we will emerge from this crisis ready to support you whenever that reengagement begins.

Please continue to let our team members know if there are additional measures we can implement to make this time as manageable as possible for your practice and your patients. We will continue to share updates and resources as this situation evolves.

Thank you for your continued partnership. We wish you and your loved ones good health.


D. Keith Grossman

Chairman, CEO and President, Nevro Corporation