Introducing HFX iQ

The only Artificial Intelligence-based SCS system that gets smarter over time by learning from your patient’s responses.1

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Personalized pain relief with algorithms for treating painful diabetic neuropathy (PDN), chronic back and leg pain, including non-surgical back pain (NSBP).

Enhances Remote Support

  • Wireless Bluetooth® Trial Simulator
  • Bluetooth upgradeable IPG
  • HFX App

Patient-Centric Therapy

  • AI-driven therapy uses the HFX Algorithm™ to start patients on the program most likely to provide relief based on 20M+ outcomes datapoints from 80K+ patients 2
  • Maintains and optimizes pain relief based on multiple patient inputs
  • Patients answer assessments in HFX App on their smartphone, which adjusts therapy in real time

Utilizes 10 kHz Therapy™ Validated by Real World Evidence

96% of patients are using a 10 kHz Therapy program.3

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10 kHz efficacy graph

New HFX App

All the therapies of HFX, plus iQ Mode

  • Real-time patient assessments
  • 24/7 patient and data capture
  • MRI Mode
  • Patient Diary

Discover Resources Available for Download:

  1. Senza HFX iQ™ uses a fixed set of instructions to provide optimized treatment recommendations that utilize direct patient input from assessments on pain and quality of life measures.
  2. Patients used a Senza, Senza II, or Omnia device offering 10 kHz.
  3. Data on file. Data from last assessment, average 17.0 months post implant (min=0.2, max=93.2).