Introducing HFX for Non-Surgical Back Pain

The SCS system approved by the FDA with a specific indication for Non-Surgical Back Pain.

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Meaningful Evidence

Nevro HFX’s unique specific FDA indication is the outgrowth of years of investments in clinical trials culminating with the SENZA-NSRBP, the first and only RCT evaluating SCS for this specific patient population to date.

10 KHz outcomes at 6 months

Excellent Safety and
Efficacy Profile

Within the SENZA-NSRBP, 10 kHz Therapy
demonstrated significant and durable outcomes across
responder rates, functional improvements and opioid use
as compared to CMM alone. There were no explants due
to loss of efficacy.

Uniquely Possible
With 10 kHz Therapy

Historically, non-surgical back pain patients have
struggled with lack of treatment options when
CMM fails. Outcomes demonstrated in the
SENZA-RCT were a result of the use of 10 kHz
Therapy and it’s unique mechanism of action that
only Nevro HFX can deliver. 


Direct Neural Inhibition With
10 kHz Therapy

Uniquely Possible With 10 kHz Therapy